The Speedcup

Each midnight, participate at the Speedcup !

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Season’s trophy

Each Sunday, come and challenge the best drivers on the 1100m-track !

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Speedkart Trackers

11050113_831211903643596_7854085264810923698_nOur race tracks are always watched by Speedkart trackers. For more security, we adjust the number of trackers according to the group who is in the race.


They’re are here for your security, but also for your enjoyment. They do everything to take care of you and give you some important advices.
During the race, they are strategically placed, you’ll see them all the time. They ensure a safety race.
They wear a Speedkart suit and they use many flags: yellow, red, chequered… It’s like a real Grand Prix!
Even if you’re not enough concentrated, they’re here for your safety.
They are equipped with a system, a remote control which allows to stop or slow karts in case of troubles. (First remote control: 1983). Since 2005, this system has changed: we can stop or slow the karts (all the group, or just few ones), it’s more practical and always more safety. This is a stop an go system.
Obviously, we don’t use this system too much, we want you to enjoy your race !


Speedkart’s philosophy: to ensure your driving enjoyment in a total safety environment. Children or adults, everybody can enjoy his day at our leisure park !